Welcome to our website where you can find out about our practice. Whether you are undergoing a minor or a major procedure we understand that you want the safest, most careful and compassionate Anaesthesia that you can get in Australia. We promise to try to provide that for you. We will provide Anaesthesia to you so that you are not financially disadvantaged.

Insured patients most often have no out of pocket expenses for Anaesthesia.

Our doctors work together

The doctors at Townsville Critical Care work together in a co-operative association to provide one of the highest quality anaesthetic experiences in Australia. All doctors at Townsville Critical Care Associates are Specialists, registered in Queensland with Australian Qualifications. Many also have additional overseas qualifications and/or experience. They have brought skills and knowledge of Anaesthesia to Townsville and North Queensland that enhance their Australian training.

All doctors at Townsville Critical Care Associates participate and are up to date with The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetist’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program (formerly the Maintenance of Professional Standards Program), undergoing comprehensive and continual peer review and assessment.

The doctors at Townsville Critical Care are all accredited to work and provide Anaesthesia services at all the care facilities that provide Anaesthesia in Townsville. They consult and work with leading medical specialists in Townsville. They help teach students at the James Cook University School of Medicine.

Our doctors are highly qualified and capable of Anaesthesia for Cardiac, Thoracic, Plastic and Reconstructive, Radiological, Gastro-enterological, Orthopaedic, Ear Nose and Throat, Ophthalmic, General Surgical, Gynaecologic, Obstetric, Paediatric and Neurosurgical procedures. All forms of Sedation, Regional, Local and General Anaesthesia are catered for. Women undergoing labour who require epidural analgesia are cared for.


Our offices are special – we provide a consultation service

At 19 Fulham Road, close to the Mater Private Hospital are our unique specialty designed rooms which house our administrative staff and Townsville’s first Private Preoperative Assessment Clinic.

Patients can be seen by their anaesthetist before surgery, for risk assessment, preoperative evaluation and preparation for surgery. This service allows optimisation of patient care before surgery in a relaxed way so that surgery can proceed in a safe manner. Additional tests or investigation can be organised in a timely manner before surgery.

There are adequate parking and other facilities to make your visit an efficient and pleasant experience. If you have worries you can discuss your Anaesthesia concerns with an Anaesthetist well before your surgery. The costs of this service are reasonable and affordable.in a relaxed atmosphere

Your Surgeon or General Practitioner can refer you for this service.